MANILA, Philippines – Starbucks Philippines recently announced the launch of a mobile app – appropriately called “Starbucks Philippines” – that allows users to find the branch nearest them and monitor their Starbucks accounts.

Through their Starbucks accounts, users can track down their payments using their Starbucks cards and the rewards and benefits that comes along with it.

According to Starbucks Philippines, the app gives users first dibs on new products and promos.

Left your cards at home? The app also allows you to pay through your phone – just go to the “pay” tab, select “pay in store,” and a barcode shows up for you to pay for your purchases or redeem rewards.

Rappler downloaded the app and so far, it works smoothly. Browsing is a dream.

One thing we wish the app had: an option to reload your card via credit card, on your phone.

It’s available both on the Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

Starbucks Mobile App – Now Available in the Philippines
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