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October 22, 2016

Getting to know Eenest Cu - Thought Leaders

"Creating persona around mobile data... The solution is not always a third player... for a solution to be successful they need to be innovative" - Ernest Cu, CEO Globe Telecom

Teresita Sy-Coson - Meet one of Asia's most powerful businesswomen

"With the way that digital disruption is coming in..... I just always need to think a bit younger than my actual age..." Teresita Sy-Coson,

What is it that Filipino's love in a mall?

"That is what retail is all about, you buy things you don't always need"

October 17, 2016

Red Bull Smart Payphones

So Red Bull is hacking payphones in São Paulo to turn old infrastructure into a smarter city landscape as part of its promotion for Red Bull Basement, where they've invented "Smart Payphones" that can drag live data from the internet into geo-based content for users of payphones in the city.

October 16, 2016

10 things I learned during the IMMAP's Digicon Power of X!

This year marks the 10th year of IMMAP, so Donald Lim, like he would say, would make things a little bit more challenging. Inviting 161 speakers around the globe, holding it in one of the biggest venue there is, PICC,  and making it a 3-day event. It is always inspiring to attend these events, it always brings you back to why you are in this field in the first place.

I would like to share some of my learnings during IMMAP event.

1. There is no such thing as a "Digital Strategy" anymore.
The goal of the digital team in every company is to let the other business units experience digital in their own way. In this way, they would always create a "strategy in the digital world". There is no longer convincing to use digital as part of the core business.

2. Cash payments will eventually die
For eCommerce 80% of transactions comes from COD(cash on delivery), but when you come to think of it, it is the slowest way to remit money. From the merchant's side remmitance from 3rd party courier for the payment will take atleast 2 weeks. So if you have an average of 500 transactions per month with average of Php 1,000 per transactions, you have at least P 500,000 on hold for 2 weeks.  From the customer side it may be "convenient" for them now to pay COD because of the "trust" issues with online stores. But really the hassle of leaving money at home and also when you forgot to leave money then it where things would go wrong and the experience wouldn't be as smooth as expected.

3. Collaborate
The thing with digital/online is that it is so big and it is so fast. You sometimes cannotcontrol everything, your competitors, your customers, etc. If your audience is talking negative about your brand , it would be better if they discuss it within your page rather than discuss it somwehere else. You cannot win digital alone, from time to time collaborating with brands to create bigger campaigns will give you big wins. Who would have though McDo, ABS-CBN and UAAP could create an award winning campaign.

4. Be always curious
The only way for you to learn is through your curiosity. It is what motivates us to learn new things, experiment on new campaigns and eventually lead us to succes. Be inspired by others. Observe what can be improved from what we currently have, and from there build the next best product. Check out how KBC bank solve the "GAP" in the market

5. Content is king is queen
Content is no longer enough to engage with your audience, with today's technology, there are a lot you can do with your content. Some are already experimenting on 360 videos, drone shots, virtual reality and many more. But not all really are succeeding in this space yet. But guess what? The more interactive you deliver your content the more engagement you will have. We have seen increase engagement with videos, gifs, stickers and others.

6. Disruption is inevitable
“Companies have short lifespans… And Amazon will be disrupted one day… I don’t worry about it because I know it is inevitable. Companies come and go. And the companies that are the shiniest and most important of any era, you wait a few decades and they’re gone.” – Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes, Dec. 1, 2013. In today's world, nothing is really permanent, all the business models we have right now may not be applicable after a few years to come. Sooner or later someone will create a better product, but hopefully your company will be ready to cope up with the innovations that will be coming.

7. Solve a need of a customer, don't create product for the customer
"Digital era is not a battle of superior technology, digital era is a battle for customer experience. Digital is a bi -product of being focused on the customer, going digital is a bi-product of really having the needs of your customer in mind."- Carlo Ople.

Digital is about solving our problems, it's not having the latest technology but it's how you use technology to solve a problem and make your customer's experience simpler.

8. Data data data.
Why do we even gather data? It's actually to optimize the experience for the customer, to make our ad campaigns more relevant to the customer. you CANNOT (under any circumstances) predict your market. You need data. if you don't have, you're just another person with an opinion. Data is no longer a numbers game, knowing demographics of your customer is no longer enough, we need to use data to market as an individual customer and not as a group. Every individual has a unique personality, and marketing to a customer group may no longer be effective.

"You don't have to get a statistics degree to be a data analyst! What's important is that you're generally a curious person. You need to be someone who's eager to know the story behind numbers because there's always one waiting to be told" - Francis Del Val

9. Content Content Content
Developing a good content strategy ay #parangpagibig? Kailangan ng proper planning and timing for quality engagement. Effective content uses data as a backbone and creativity as its heart. A digital marketer's job is not to create maximum amount of content but a minimum amount of content for maximum results. More and more brands are

10. Follow your customer.
Do millennial still watch linear/scheduled TV? how often do you watch a movie on HBO and start the movie? For Globe for example, they stopped advertising on newspaper, Why? It is because their audience are not reading newspapers,anymore, and guess what? The sales were still going up and it had no effect. You need to make sure to touch point with your customer when they are about to make that purchase decision. In this way customers are well informed before they take action.

10 Things I learned in 10 years working with digital by Donald Lim

Make sure to comment below! :) share your learnings #DIGIKNOW

10 learnings in 10 years with digital by Donald Lim

Donald Lim closed the IMMAP Digicon Powerof X with his 10 learnings working in Digital.

Read full IMMAP DIGICON PowerofX here

1. Digital is all about making things simple, not more complex

2. No digital project gets launched on time

3. Develop intimacy through digital, not awareness

4. Digital redefines marketing

5. Digital is all about control and collaboration

6. People who say they are digital, are not really digital

7. There is no ROI in digital

8. Brands who are willing to lose themselves in digital, will find their real self

9. Digital Succeeds when the word digital is not used of felt

10. #Digiknow

October 05, 2016

Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

Google's Pixel and Pixel XL are made by HTC, but from a marketing perspective they're all Google. This means they're running the latest version of Android Nougat, version 7.1, with some Google Magic thrown in, but they're also top-of-the-line phones for late 2016. Here's what they have.