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July 26, 2016

Burger King "McWhopper" Case Study Video

Burger King Proposes to McDonalds, see what what happens.

July 24, 2016

Things I wish I knew before starting an e-Commerce business [Part 2]

I have been getting a lot of positive feedbacks with the first article [read here], sharing lessons learned setting up your online store. So now I am adding a few more learnings that I hope you can adopt with your ecommerce site.

Cross marketing/Upsell
There will come a time where your operations have stabilized and you are now looking forward to increasing your revenue. First thing that you would think of is increase traffic, but before you try on paid ads and other advertising platforms check on the things you could cross promote on your site.

Some examples:
Upsell on your product page
You can also reward your customers for actions they make on your website

eCommerce is a numbers game
One thing I learned from my boss is that more than the creative marketing you execute it all boils down to numbers. If X number of sessions can generate X sales revenue, then you can work your numbers back to achieve the sales target. It's not about pageviews but sessions(online foot traffic) that matters.

Sharing you a guide for your eCommerce computation
Courtesy of Mon Lizardo

Lesser clicks = more conversion 
We were going through a website redesign and one of the bosses requested that hover feature to be available, so that customers won't be required to click to see the content. It actually make sense, if in other websites you want customers to keep on clicking pages, for eCommerce you want the customer journey to be as short as possible. Try visiting your favorite online store, they will usually have the following:
  • Hover to expand categories
  • Express checkout
  • Pop up to proceed to checkout

Keep your content fresh
Just like any other websites or brick and mortar stores, you need to give customers reason to visit your website. This can be done through various marketing activities, but the basic action you should be doing is updating content of your website. This means updating your banners, hot items, best sellers, adding new type of products and more. If you notice with the top online stores, they usually have regular campaigns; rainy day promos, gift ideas for mother's day, new items, daily deals, etc. The most common mistake for website owners is launching the site then not updating it regularly.

Master your platform
Chances are you are running with one of the ecommerce platform, which if you have done you research right, ecommerce platforms has tons of hidden features that you can actually use. We are using magento for almost a year now, and still getting to know some of the features that we are not able to maximize. Some features that is usually available on an ecommerce platform.
  • Coupon codes
  • Special discounts [specify duration]
  • Bundling [group together SKU's for a special price without the need to separate inventory]
  • Alert for low stock inventory
  • Special discount for a customer group (ex. 10% for all employees, 5% for registered users, free shipping for guest users, etc)

Hope this article was able to add knowledge to your ecommerce journey! Share us some of tips and experience with running your own online store, post a comment below. :)

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Looking for an e-Commerce consultant? Let's talk :)

May 27, 2016

Globe vs Smart, iPhone SE Plans

Experience the most powerful 4-inch phone ever, with a 12‑megapixel camera, Live Photos, Retina Flash for better selfies, and Touch ID. Powered by the A9 chip, iPhone SE makes your everyday tasks faster and your favorite games even more immersive. It’s a beloved design reinvented from the inside out.

Review of iPhone SE:

Smart Plan

More details:

Globe Plans

More details:

May 05, 2016

Check if your vehicle has a violation! MMDA no contact policy!

In a statement, MMDA chairman Emerson Carlos said "the agency has taken the initiative to develop the system in response to netizens’ demand to provide motorists with an easy and efficient way to verify if they have been cited for a traffic infraction under the no-contact apprehension scheme. The system will facilitate the verification process by motorists on traffic violations and also assuage their fears that they could have been wrongly cited for road infractions."

Check it out now:

No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy (11 Things You Need to Know)

   1. What is the No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy?

The No Contact Traffic Apprehension is a policy that utilizes CCTV, digital cameras and/or other gadget or technology to capture videos and images to apprehend vehicles violating traffic laws, rules and regulations.

   2. What is its coverage?

The No Physical Contact Apprehension covers the apprehension of violators in areas within Metro Manila that are covered by MMDA CCTV cameras.

3.   Will the policy rid Metro Manila roads of MMDA Traffic Enforcers?

No. It was conceptualized to supplement the presence of MMDA Traffic Enforcers. Aside from the fact that there are still places not covered by CCTVs, the No Contact Traffic Apprehension was designed to catch moving violations, thus leaving the apprehension of administrative offenses to MMDA constables.

4.   How will the No Contact Team know about the records of the vehicle?

The MMDA No Contact Apprehension Team will search for the motor vehicle records of violators in coordination with LTO.

5.   If I’m the registered owner and the current owner hasn’t processed the vehicle’s transfer of registration yet, will I still be penalized for a violation I did not commit?

The first notice shall require the owner of the vehicle to identify its driver at the time and place indicated in the notice and his/her address. It is the responsibility of the current owner to have the vehicle registered under his/her name. If a previous owner receives the Notice, he or she may file a protest at the MMDA Traffic Adjudication Division and show a notarized Deed of Sale as evidence, as well the name and address of the current owner.

6.   How will the MMDA send the Summon to violators?

Notices shall be sent thru personal service by MMDA Personnel, registered mail or courier services through government or private service providers.

7.   What if the violator refuses to receive the Notice?

Traffic violators who refuse to receive or accept the notice issued to them without any valid reason shall be deemed to have received it by leaving a copy and submission of an affidavit of service or report attesting the refusal of the violator to acknowledge receipt of the Notice.

8.   Within how many days should a driver settle his/her violation under this policy?

Payment of fines and penalties shall be made within seven days upon receipt of the first notice to any authorized accredited payment centers unless a protest is filed before the MMDA TAD, in which case, the fines as finally adjudicated shall be paid at the Collection Division of the MMDA Central Office.

9.   Where should I pay to settle my violation?

   The violator may pay either in the MMDA Main Office or in any branch of MetroBank.

10.  If I don’t agree with the violation given to me, how do I contest it?

The First Notice contains a statement that the traffic violator shall have the right to file a protest before the MMDA-Traffic Adjudication Division or TAD within seven days from receipt of the Notice, and that failure to do so within the prescribed period shall be seen as a waiver of such right to contest the violation or present evidence as a defense.

Within fifteen days from receipt of an adverse TAD resolution, the driver may file a Motion for Reconsideration. Within thirty (30) days from receipt of the denial of the Motion for Reconsideration, the driver may file an appeal at the Office of the Chairman where the Decision shall be final and executory.

If no protest is filed within the 7-day prescriptive period and the fines remain unpaid, a Final Notice to settle the violation shall be issued.

11.   What will happen if I don’t pay at all?

If a violator fails to settle the assessed fines or penalties from the receipt of the Final Notice, the vehicle license plate number shall be included in the Alarm list and be reported to the LTO with a request that its registration not be renewed until the penalties or fines are fully settled.

April 24, 2016

Vote Here! Philippine's Mock Election 2016!


Jejomar Binay (UNA)
Miriam Defensor Santiago (PRP)
Grace Poe (Independent)
Mar Roxas (Liberal)
Rodrigo Duterte (PDP–Laban)
Do Riddles

Vote to see poll results! :)

Vice President

Gringo Honasan
Bongbong Marcos
Alan Peter Cayetano
Francis Escudero
Leni Robredo
Antonio Trillanes
made here

April 22, 2016

iOS 10 concept video

Federico Vittici of MacStories has teamed up with Sam Beckett to create an iOS 10 concept video covering "wishlist" features Vittici hopes to see in the next version of iOS. Most concept videos we see are fanciful and filled with features unlikely to make it into iOS, but Vittici's vision of the future of iOS is logical and well thought out. 

Major features covered in the video include a customizable Control Center with icons that can be rearranged and third-party app integration, a Siri API for third-party apps, and a system-wide dark mode.