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September 25, 2016

Donald Lim talks about ABS-CBN Digital Properties 2016

September 24, 2016

Love travelling? You will like this app from Google!

If you love travelling then this will be your perfect companion.

Meet Google Trips. It's designed to give you everything you need to have the best vacation, right at your fingertips. Fill each day of your trip with fun activities you love without all the work. Go with Google Trips, available now on Android ( and iOS (

September 11, 2016

Why I am still getting iPhone 7

I can't actually can't decide which part of the iPhone 7 is the best feature, but one thing is for sure I love wireless technology. For now we can go away with wireless except for power. We now have bluetooth mouse, keyboard, speakers, wifi, headphones, the only thing missing is contactless charging.

If you are already using 6s it is not recommended to get an upgrade, in fact if you are using the "S" series, you've done a wrong decision. Most big upgrades would usually be in their "flagship" version, from iPhone 4,5,6 and now 7!

The design
It's a bit disappointingw how the iPhone design hasn't change a lot, I think one of their bigger leaps in terms of design was the iPhone4 and a finally a bigger iPhone 5. The black and jet black seems to be interesting enough to put a little interest with the variations. But really despite this design being so simple, when you actually look at the color it just fits elegantly with the iPhone

Disclaimer on the new Jet Black:
The high-gloss finish of the jet black iPhone 7 is achieved through a precision nine-step anodization and polishing process. Its surface is equally as hard as other anodized Apple products; however, its high shine may show fine micro-abrasions with use. If you are concerned about this, we suggest you use one of the many cases available to protect your iPhone.

Remember it's not always the bigger MP, but the quality of output your camera gives you. iPhone has been known for one of the best camera phone there is. All you need to know is that Apple once again has raised the bar in their camera with the zoom feature and they have now quad LED flash.

No more 3.5mm earphone jack
The first reason why we all thought they would remove the jack because the iPhone7 will be thinner, but it doesn't seem to be the case.  Apple wanted to stress out that the 3.5mm jack was an old technology, they wanted to move to digital. Don't worry analog headphone jack connector will be included in the package.

Here's an article from Gzimodo,Why the Headphone Jack Had to Die

One word, simplicity. I loved how they created wireless earphones with the following feature: no more parining, no on/off button, no actual buttons. You simply wear the earphones and autoamtically connects once your phone is near. Of course in terms of sound quality, and how well it would fit in your ears without falling, we still need to find out.

I just miss the good old days where there were no leak articles floating around before the launch, people would just speculate before the event. But today, it seems all the "leaked" articles are so accurate you don't need to wait for the event itself.

My recommendation? if you're an Apple fan, I need no more convincing of you. If you are an Android user and thinking to switch, it always a good time to switch during their "flagship" phone without the "S" series. Overall iPhone 7 has always met the standards of everyone, but I guess that's the problem today, they don't exceed expectations of the customers anymore. But for me, whatever critics would say, there is always something new with iPhones that excites you every time. In my case jumping from 6 to 7 would be a big leap in terms of features that some 6s already enjoys.

What do you think? are you getting one this year?

Here's the article for a quick specs review of iPhone 7/7+

Watch the full keynote presentation here

September 08, 2016

iPhone 7/7+ quick preview

Here are the key highlights for the iPhone 7 series!

No more 3.5mm jack, don't worry lightning adapter will be included

A10 chip more powerful, consuming 50% less energy, 40% faster than A9

7mp front camera from previous of 5mp

32gb, 128gb, 256gb variants only

Water and dust resistance

Jet Black color

No more home button, Instead, like Apple’s new MacBook trackpads, the iPhone will provide touch feedback with the Taptic Engine.

Dual camera for iPhone 7+

Wireless earpods will cost you $159

Full review here!

July 26, 2016

Burger King "McWhopper" Case Study Video

Burger King Proposes to McDonalds, see what what happens.

July 24, 2016

Things I wish I knew before starting an e-Commerce business [Part 2]

I have been getting a lot of positive feedbacks with the first article [read here], sharing lessons learned setting up your online store. So now I am adding a few more learnings that I hope you can adopt with your ecommerce site.

Cross marketing/Upsell
There will come a time where your operations have stabilized and you are now looking forward to increasing your revenue. First thing that you would think of is increase traffic, but before you try on paid ads and other advertising platforms check on the things you could cross promote on your site.

Some examples:
Upsell on your product page
You can also reward your customers for actions they make on your website

eCommerce is a numbers game
One thing I learned from my boss is that more than the creative marketing you execute it all boils down to numbers. If X number of sessions can generate X sales revenue, then you can work your numbers back to achieve the sales target. It's not about pageviews but sessions(online foot traffic) that matters.

Sharing you a guide for your eCommerce computation
Courtesy of Mon Lizardo

Lesser clicks = more conversion 
We were going through a website redesign and one of the bosses requested that hover feature to be available, so that customers won't be required to click to see the content. It actually make sense, if in other websites you want customers to keep on clicking pages, for eCommerce you want the customer journey to be as short as possible. Try visiting your favorite online store, they will usually have the following:
  • Hover to expand categories
  • Express checkout
  • Pop up to proceed to checkout

Keep your content fresh
Just like any other websites or brick and mortar stores, you need to give customers reason to visit your website. This can be done through various marketing activities, but the basic action you should be doing is updating content of your website. This means updating your banners, hot items, best sellers, adding new type of products and more. If you notice with the top online stores, they usually have regular campaigns; rainy day promos, gift ideas for mother's day, new items, daily deals, etc. The most common mistake for website owners is launching the site then not updating it regularly.

Master your platform
Chances are you are running with one of the ecommerce platform, which if you have done you research right, ecommerce platforms has tons of hidden features that you can actually use. We are using magento for almost a year now, and still getting to know some of the features that we are not able to maximize. Some features that is usually available on an ecommerce platform.
  • Coupon codes
  • Special discounts [specify duration]
  • Bundling [group together SKU's for a special price without the need to separate inventory]
  • Alert for low stock inventory
  • Special discount for a customer group (ex. 10% for all employees, 5% for registered users, free shipping for guest users, etc)

Hope this article was able to add knowledge to your ecommerce journey! Share us some of tips and experience with running your own online store, post a comment below. :)

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