Digital Marketing is going to change this 2019, what might be working before won’t be the same this 2019. I am going to share with you some personal thoughts on how Digital Marketing is going to change this 2019 and what you need to do.

Moving to OMNICHANNEL approach

You used to be able to build a business with just one channel. If before you can grow your presence with just Facebook, it may not be that effective as it used to be. Now you have to use tactics like: growth hacking, pay per click, seo, content marketing, banner ads and many more.The more channels you use the more impact you are going to make. Most of these channels are crowded because there are so many online business.

Conversion Optimization

Advertising is getting more expensive over time, and it is not something you can control, it’s simple law of supply and demand. The more you optimize your landing page for conversion, the better of you are going to be. Make sure to use apps like: Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and more. If you are not going to do this, there will be bigger competition out there who will be spending more and is going to crush you.

Video Content

Let’s face it, video content engages more with the viewers. Facebook gives you more views if it’s video, Youtube is the 2nd biggest search platform and other social media is now building their video platform. You need to be leveraging on video, you can’t take it for granted.

eCommerce is a must

I may sound a little biased towards ecommerce, but I have always believed that eventually all brands will be having their own online store. The same with social media, once you create a business, you create a social media account immediately and eventually you would be opening a online store as well. Anyway every business is into selling something, whether that is a service or a product/goods, it can always be done online.

You can check my learnings on ecommerce here: Things I wish I knew before starting an eCommerce business


So what do you think will change for 2019 in digital marketing? Comment below and let’s share ideas!

Outlook for Digital Marketing in 2019
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