Trusted and respected research firms International Data Corporation (IDC) and Strategy Analytics have both just posted their official list of the Top 5 Smartphone Vendors based on total global shipments.

Although the two companies employ different means of gathering data from across the planet, they had come up with practically the same list of top-selling handset brands for 2017.

Here’s IDC’s list:
Top 5 Smartphone Vendors IDC

And here’s the one from Strategy Analytics:
Top 5 Smartphone Vendors

And here’s a side by side comparison each company’s annual shipment figures as reported by the two research agencies:

Total Worldwide Smartphone Shipments in 2017
Brand IDC Strategy Analytics
1. Samsung 317.3 317.5
2. Apple 215.8 215.8
3. Huawei 153.1 153.0
4. OPPO 111.8 118.0
5. Xiaomi 92.4 91.3
Others 577.7 611.9
Total 1472.4 1507.5
Top smartphones of 2017!
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