If you are not subscribed to any premium video provider like netflix, hulu and others, don’t feel bad. There are actually tons of webisodes you can watch for free in Youtube!

Below are some of my good finds webisode on Youtube

Forever Sucks – “First day on the job” na naman ni Izabel, a 170-yr old vampire pretending to be a normal 21-yr old. After 10 decades of swearing off men, she meets a human who may finally change her life forever.

Sabagay Life – Jackie is back after 6 years so Jinno feels na right timing na para umamin. But Jackie arrives with a “boylet” in tow which stops Jinno from making a move.

Tales from the friend zone – no introduction needed 🙂

Tawa ng Tanghalan – is the only sitcom that showcases Filipino stand up comedians on TV through Tawa ng Tanghalan. Smile, laugh and giggle as you watch the full performances for free!

Unspoken rules – An Adober Studios Production: Unspoken Rules

Top 5 Philippine web series you can watch for free!
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