The best focus on the traditional companies is building the business, building the market and building the community around that company. We have seen a lot of startups feeling that they will disrupt an industry. But most don’t actually haven’t figured out the distinction between innovation and iteration. So we see a lot of companies doing the same thing better than the companies before them, that is iteration. Innovation is new things that unlock new value. Disruption leads to make the old things obsolete. Sometimes the greatest insight in innovation happens when you look outside your organization.



What makes digital transformation so interesting that it’s not just, “hey let’s figure out our roadmap, let’s make thigns more efficient, etc” . It’s why are we doing these things, so we can take an empathetic approach to transformation as long as it of course meets business objectives. But remember business objectives have to align to customer objectives



The greatest progress starts when you also unlearn the very standards that guide your work. Unlearning means that we are ready to accept that our legacy processed, mindsets, perspectives, and others may need some updating. We need to understand that the real friction that’s happening the real reason digital transformation is a necessity is because there is almost a revolution of sort that is happening. People do not need reluctant relationships with your business anymore, they are finding alternatives, they’re starting to hack their experiences. So we have to understand what that means, and INNOVATION is key.


Introduction Generation C (connected)

This is just how they choose to experience it, and our natural instinct is to see this is put your phone down. Or we can now see the relationship with what’s happening behind that screen, the relationship is not to the device, the device is just a medium to another world that is happening on the screen. The more we understand that the more we understand how that changes their preference, their behaviour, etc. The more we can design a world that seems relevant to our consumers.

We can’t just change because all of digital is happening, we should change because we understand what’s happening, why it is happening it happening, why are people doing this, etc. Digital is happening because people chose other things and all we have to do is understand it and plug into our business.


The end of business as usual – Digital Transformation
  • Al Sherwin Ramos Yeo

    Sherwin is the innovator, he creates and oversee the execution of a plan through specific initiatives to meet the objectives of the strategy. Being a Digital Strategists, he is your go-to guy for the latest in the technological world. Sherwin ensures to be updated and figures out what's next

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