McDonald’s continues to be a fast-growing business and needs to recruit a lot of young people every year, and with their target young worker becoming harder and harder to engage, McDonald’s tuned Snapchat into their biggest recruitment channel, and made applying for a job a snap! With applicants activating a Snapchat lens from highly targeted recruitment ads, putting the McDonald’s crew hat and name badge on them virtually and asking them to simply send a 10 second “snaplication” telling McDonald’s why they wanted to apply for a job at Macca’s, to start the recruitment process, and getting a whole new audience to consider McDonald’s for a career.


A few minutes of poking around Snapchat isn’t too much of a drain on anybody’s time. But the fact that McDonald’s is letting you add a new step to your job application isn’t fun or exciting, especially when the fact that you’re doing it is giving McDonald’s free publicity. I guess on the bright side, it’s good for teens to learn about insidious demands for unpaid labor in the form of social media production.


Mcdonald’s is now accepting job applications via snapchat
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